Hundreds individual, interlocked, laser cut components build the volumes of my jewellery.

By connecting 2D textile surfaces one by one, they transform into 3D shapes, patterns, and textures.
These complex repetitive structures represent the extensive experimental possibilities there are in my way of assembling.

To create this collection, drawing and designing 2d on the computer was combined with manually connecting and building the pieces into 3d shapes.

The pieces that were created for my master collection have been selected to show the wide variety of possibilities of its assembly technique when it is executed in different ways. Changing the way of designing and/or connecting the surfaces, makes it possible to create completely different shapes, volumes, and movements. Each approach has the potential to translate into a more subtle or expressive design. In the designs the Influences of the natural world are clearly visually present like flower petals, butterfly’s, snakes, fish scales, water circles, natural phenomena, and growth structures. Some are translated very literally, others more subtly. I like to get inspired by different sources, and work on various projects at the same time. This creates an interesting interaction between the pieces.    

Every piece in this project is focused on flexibility, movement and wearability. The use of textiles has improved this in functionality, and with the use of combining different quality’s and colors, a lot of different atmospheres can be created.

These pieces must be touched, felt, or worn to fully understand their capabilities and function. They come alive on the body.

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