Jade Houben

Designer, 1996, Antwerp

Artist Practice

I am a designer with a love for materials, movement, repetitions, texture patterns and color, and with a big interest in combining designing on the computer with a manual working process.

I use a process of trial and error. Making many experiments, and reflecting on the results, is what drives my work forward.

Most of the times that process starts even before I realize it myself. From the moment I receive some information that inspires me, my thoughts start shaping, turning and building. When I have processed the information and created an idea for a try-out, then I start drawing, on paper and on the computer. I have a very good spatial insight and a vivid imagination, and seeing these first designs in 2D helps me to visualize the shape I will achieve in 3D.

Based on that visualization I work out the design for the first tryout. And start assembling and realizing that tryout. Sometimes is what I imagined quite in line with the reality and sometimes not at all, and that can be so surprisingly interesting and beautiful.

I step back and review my result, evaluate my first tryouts and based on my reviews I start drawing again. I focus on emphasizing the positive qualities that I find in the first 3D tryout and adjust the disturbing or less beautiful parts. I repeat this process of drawing, cutting, assembling and evaluating again and again until I am satisfied with my results.

I like to work on different pieces at the same time and these different processes influence each other. The interesting thing about my work is that I can always go in many different directions and have a lot of possibilities, this means I always have to make decisions for which path I want to take for a given piece. This results in me sometimes not being able to work out a path or possibility immediately. Documenting and classifying all my ideas, drawings and tryouts, from the beginning to the end phase, is therefore extremely important, so that I can always go back, to find a solution or new inspiration.

You’ll find many influences of nature in my work. For me nature is a big inspiration source for my shapes colors and patterns. But I find inspiration in many different places. Including paintings and objects of other artists, books, my surroundings and my own tryouts and “mistakes”. I love to get inspired, but I’ll not let myself be limited by one subject.


2020    MFA, Jewellery Design Gold & Silversmithing, Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

2018    BFA, Jewellery Design Gold & Silversmithing, Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium


2022 Super Tactility Soft Technology, Texture – Flax & River Lys Museum, Kortrijk, Belgium

2022 DIVA,  Work in Progress, Antwerp, Belgium

2021     Connected!, Obsessed, Antwerp, Belgium

2021     Marzee, International Graduateshow 2020, Nijwegen, The Netherlands

2021     Antwerps Talent, Antwerp, Belgium

2020     To Be Antwerp, Hilde Cornelissen, Antwerp, Belgium

2020     We Are The Next Generation, Wonder, Kortrijk, Belgium

2020     MasterExpo, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp Belgium

2020     Meet The Next Generation Of Designers, Salima Thakker, Antwerp, Belgium

2020     Craft The Leather, Lineapelle Leather Fair, Milano, Italy

2019     Graduates Be Trippn’, Munich Jewellery Week, Trippen store, Munich, Germany

2019     An Absurd, Nonsensical And Unexpected Encounter With YKK, London, United Kingdom

2018     Jewellery Graduation Show, Antwerp, Belgium

2017     Een Hoofd Vol Haar, Antwerp, Belgium

2017     Jewellery for… An Vandevorst & Filip Arickx A.F. VANDEVORST, schmuck Munich, Germany

2016     Fairytales, Grand-Hornu Group Exhibition, Mons, Belgium

Press And Publications

2021     https://klimt02.net/events/exhibitions/connected-part-obsessed-jewellery-festival-royal-academy-fine-arts-antwerp-artesis-plantijn-university-college

2020     https://klimt02.net/events/exhibitions/royal-academy-fine-arts-antwerp-ma-degree-show-2020

2020     Crisis Is Our Territory, Dust Issue #17

2019      Making Matters, Craft The Leather

2019      https://www.bidules.be/latest/visions-etc/

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